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tales from the woods

Monday, August 11, 2003


How i love it. One of the advantages of working the graveyard shift. Even the central A/C has been turned off. All i hear is the low hum of the hard drive, and the sporadic clack of my keyboard. I'm almost done here. Even the Americans are calling it a day now.

The drive back home should be fun. At 5 am, all i get to see are the 5 gazillion stray dogs and the 20 odd early morning types. 20 is quite a large number considering that Bangalore is quite chilly in the mornings. The drive will last 20 minutes to cover a measly 10 kms, even with zero traffic. Since Bangalore is supposed to be the IT hub of India, i guess everything here is virtual... even the roads.

signing off for now...


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