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tales from the woods

Monday, August 25, 2003

wake up!

You know, i'm sick and tired of reading about all this political bullshit. We'll rant and rave till we become blue in the face and it will make not the slightest difference. Jivha, for example has raised this issue several times in his blog. His current post about the government trying to ban cow slaughter is a well written deconstruction of the idiocy that prevails in Indian politics. Yes, politicians are epitomes of corruption. However, i put the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of people more than the politicians. These politicians will get away with anything, as long as nobody stops or questions them. The question that begs to be asked is why we're letting them get away in the first place?

The basic premise behind a democracy is that the junta is capable of choosing it's leaders with responsibility and intelligence. Unfortunately, we have become a nation of irresponsible dolts who don't even know what's good and bad for us. We, as a people, are so irresponsible that we shrug off a couple of thousand deaths or simply ignore scams that rival the GNP of several small countries. Instead of holding our politicians responsible for pesticide in water, we'll get concerned about a godforsaken temple or mosque. We'll worry about "vegetarian tuesdays" or our "5am prayers" more than our supply of electricity or water. Why go about blaming them, when we only have ourselves to blame. These politicians are just a side-effect of this bigger disease called stupidity.


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