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tales from the woods

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

people with long beards

who speak good english, wear khadi and generally look intellectual can get away with anything. One such creature accosted me on my way to work. No sooner had he hopped on to the backseat of my bike, the NGO schpeil started. Dressed to the part, he started telling me about his "ashram" where he helps destitute women and the homeless. He poured his heart out on my ear while the other was listening to the traffic. He had even sold off his house to start the ashram, my ear signalled to my brain. On finally getting down from the bike, he asked me suavely for money to buy sweets for the children in the Ashram. Oddly enough, i gave him a hundred bucks without any hesitation. I even gave him my card and promised him that i would organize a drive to collect old clothes in my office and give it to him.

A month later, when a lot of water and 5000 lines of code had flown under the bridge, i get a call from the reception that someone was waiting for me. Mr. khadi beard had made an appearence again! After asking him how he was, i cut to the chase and asked him what he wanted. "One hundred rupees for the ashram", came his reply. Suddenly something clicked in my head and i saw him in all his fakeness. I glared at him and asked him to bugger off. Pat came his reply, "How about 50 rupees then?". I just walked off, too stunned to imagine that i had given this lowlife a lift AND given him a hundred bucks. Awright awright, you can all kick me now. damn.


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