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tales from the woods

Monday, May 03, 2004

gmail, here i come!

To my amazement, google considers me a frequent user of blogspot and has decided to give me a luscious 1GB gmail account! Whoooppeeeee!!

Just for that, i shall have to blog more frequently ;-)

First impressions for now: Gmail's look and feel, especially the colour scheme reminds me vaguely of yahoo mail. Gmail has a fairly clutter-free layout. Most importantly, it doesn't have ANY annoying banners or popups. A very cool feature is that e-mail chains are represented as "conversations", not unlike a message board thread. Although it's too early for me to comment on the usability of this feature, it is a refreshing change from the other e-mail services. I tried baiting gmail's "ad-sense" program to display text ads that has generated so much controversy on a product that has not yet been launched. Here's my bait:-

Reading the DaVinci Code, i realized that it was better than popping Viagra, coding in .NET, or even opening a bank account! Manic depressive that i am, little do i remember to switch on my XBox or operate my Nokia. This is not a time for grief but a time to do some online shopping. E-Commerce and M-Commerce being the catch-phrases of the day, i shall have to throw in the towel and jump in the bandwagon too. This ad-sense bait shall hopefully beat google's famed AI and generate some funky links on the right. There's a time for theory and a time for action. Action, it is.

Unfortunately, google's AI has me beat and no ads were displayed for the above e-mail content. However, i shall make more valiant atempts to crack the system. Time will tell.


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